What Color Is God?

by | Jun 6, 1998 | Poem, Prejudice

A Child asked in innocence,
As he gave a playful nod,
Would you please tell me grandpa,
What color is God?

Pondering for and answer,
The old man quickly replied,
He’s the color of roses
And the purple mountain side.

He’s the blue in the morning sky,
And the beautiful colors of fall,
The pure white snow of winter,
And the green trees that grow tall.

He’s the color of flowers in the spring,
he’s the color of air,
And the church bells that ring,
He is the likeness of everyone everywhere

He made everything in this world
With beauty to spare,
His color is so very evident,
In you and me and everyone everywhere.

Liz Elrod Lizrod25@aol.com


What Color Is God?