This is What You Need to Remove to have a Happier and Peaceful Life

by | Apr 24, 2023 | Courage, Fear

“Whoa! That’s a big one!” That comment was directed to me. How embarrassing!

Here are the details:

A few years back, I went like an innocent lamb to the eye clinic to have the pesky cataracts removed. No big deal. Simple procedure. And for me really no great drama—the cataracts made no difference to my vision since my blindness has to do with the deterioration of the retina. I had agreed to the procedure to avoid fluid build-up and infection from setting in.

So, as part of the pre-op routine, I signed all kinds of consent forms, got connected to a myriad of wires, monitors, and tubes. And then finally, I went to la-la land for the procedure.

Little did I know that the folks in the waiting room had free televised entertainment displayed on a big screen.And to my horror, I was the featured star!

While folks crunched on breakfast bars, they gazed at each full-color detail of my surgery. I later learned that some gasped at the size of the cataract. And they oohed and aahed at the maneuvering the surgeon had to tackle in order to remove it.

In the end I received no royalties nor request for my autograph. No such thing—just my eyelid peeled back, exposing every bit of the removal of the gigantic cataract (which, by the way, I had nothing to do with its incredible growth).

The removal of the cataract did nothing to improve my physical vision. But today, I enjoy a new fresh, beautiful view of my incredibly-rich life.

Why? Because I had undergone similar spiritual surgery decades ago. It dealt with my heart. I housed an enormous burden. The bitterness for losing my sight at 31 and the emotional tornado that tore through my marriage because of it.

I hadn’t realized it’d grown to such proportions until I entered the clinic of my Savior.

And when I signed the consent form, He removed the thick film of resentment and anger. I had an audience back then—my family who saw the transformation, my husband who breathed relief at my acceptance, and my friends who scratched their heads at my passion to move forward in spite of my complete blindness.

With the burden removed, I saw my path clearer, and with 20/20 acuity, I could see the long distance God had taken me—from sorrow to serenity and from resentment to refreshing peace.

Looking back, both procedures were deemed necessary—one to avoid infection, and the other to keep me from living a life of pitiful gloom.

I pray you don’t have a need for such surgery. Rather, you have surrendered your burden freely and voluntarily before it grows to massive proportions.

Like cataracts, negative emotions can grow blocking our view of what God planned for our life.

Rev. Steve Mitchell puts it this way, “Whatever burden we surrender to God, he takes it, cleanses it, fills it and uses it.”

Surgery Time

Whatever heartache hinders your life right now. Whatever blocks your vision from seeing the next step. Or whatever secret that keeps you from walking in freedom, God, the divine surgeon has the tools of His love to remove it.

Your challenge is to be still, trust in His divine skills, and invite Him into your pain, your loneliness, worry or regret and let Him do the work.

As you remain still, fear will disappear as God whispers: “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” (Isaiah 41:10).

Let’s Pray: Father, how often my view is blocked by the burdens of this world, my secret pain and my unresolved issues, but I will be still and allow You to take over and remove the anxiety as I one by one, in Your capable hands I place each burden. Amen

Janet P. Eckles


This is What You Need to Remove to have a Happier and Peaceful Life