Praise Reports for December 2022

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Below are just a few of the many praise reports that are coming in as a result of prayer warriors holding up one another in prayer! Answers2Prayer warriors are happy to hold your needs up before the throne of grace as well! Send us your prayer requests via:
What’sApp: +91 98696 68137


Prayer Request: Last May Rob developed a huge floater on his right eye. He is extremely nearsighted in that eye anyway (legally blind), and the floater made it feel like there was a “film” on his eye, making him severely photosensitive. He has been miserable since May, waring two pairs of sunglasses, even in the house, etc.

Praise Report: Tw days ago, the floater disappeared. He is no longer photosensitive.


Prayer Request: Claudia says, “Prayer request for Pina who is in the hospital for rheumatism in her joints also weakness in her legs.
Will need to sell/buy her house for a home without stairs.”

Praise Report: For both Pina. She is doing much better! She was given a full revision as in a car at the mechanic! (her words)


Prayer Request: Shyamala says: Please pray for my son inlaw and son having fever and cold. My daughter and granddaughter having cough.

Praise Report: Praise God … Son in law and son are doing good, daughter and granddaughter doing better . Thank you and all for your prayers


Prayer Request: From Shyamala: One of my hindu friend is sever cellulitis on her left leg and having immense pain .will you please pray for healing.

Praise Report: Praise God today my friend Chitra text me that she is feeling good and checked with her Doc.and he prescribed some medicine and asked start her job. She is very happy and wanted to Praise God . Thank you all for praying for her.


Prayer Request: From Vengai: I have two-panel interviews lined up, on the 24th of October and 2nd of November. I want to pass. Kindly ask for prayer that God fights for me and grant me victory the way God did for Gideon against the Midianites.

Praise Report: Update on Vengai’s second job interview

By the grace of God, passed the second interview. I had similar interviews before in 2015 and failed. Thank you, and fellow brethren, for praying with me.

They were job interviews, but not for immediate vacancies. They were a screening process for future job opportunities. So now am on the waiting list. I trust God, will open doors in due season. He doesnt do a half job. He is perfect in everything.

Lets keep the faith.


Prayer Request: From Serah: Though am going through alot I feel strength has gone out of me and not able to pray. My son has been drinking his face is full of scars. Need prayers am worn-out

Praise Report: He is improving day by day all glory to God


Prayer Request: From Shyamala: Please pray for my grand daughter (10 months old) having scarlet fever and doc gave her medicines. Let God Touch and heal her completely

Praise Report: Praise the Lord, my grand daughter Stash is now free from fever. The pink colour rashes mostly gone . Thank you for your prayers.


Prayer Request: Can you please send out a prayer request for 2 month old Nicolò who had an adverse reaction to his infant vaccines.
His mother was giving him a bath where he enjoying himself when he suddenly turned red and fainted.
The parents took him to the hospital where he was tested and they found he has a virus.
The family is desperate.

Praise Report: Praise report for Nicolò. The family says that today he is leaving the hospital Praise God! Thank you all for your prayers!

Prayer Request: From Melanie: Please pray for my sister Melissa she has gotten involved with the wrong crowd. Shes in so much trouble where she has a relationship with a boy that is on drugs, and there’s a young lady who wants to charge my sister for theft. Trouble has been creeping since Thursday, my sister’s problem just worse up until now, the person she was boarding with gave her a laptop to sell, when this happened my sister told last month things were tough so they sold a laptop, this person was trying to get a loan out of my sister as well but it didn’t work out, now this person has changed the entire story saying Melissa sold the laptop without her permission and she’s going to charge my sister.

Praise Report: so far everything is quite I managed to also speak to these people, with Wisdom & Prayer that this problem seems very quite now I also mentioned the law in a way that they will not get offended.

I hope this does not arise again, my last conversation with this couple was yesterday

I Strongly Believe You & Your helped me through this 🙏

Everytime I send a Prayer Request I always get results 🙏🙏🙏

Prayer Request: From Claudia: I was very sick last night throwing up with lots of pain.

Praise Report: The next day: Feeling a little better. Thank yo and everyone for their prayers.


Praise Reports for December 2022