Praise Report! Tumor Shrinking!

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Miracles, Praise Report

In September 2021 we received the following prayer request:

Sometime in 2017, i was diagnosed with Breast cancer.
Just before my surgery, when i was confused and wondering why I was going through this experience, God told me clearly that ‘it is clear’. I.e. I am healed.

Those were the exact words of the surgeon after my surgery.
A routine checkup in July revealed a new lump. I have started treatment.

It’s my fervent belief that the next scan on 1 October will show a complete healing.

God has done it before, i believe He will do it yet again in my case .

Please join me in prayers.

Many thanks.

Today (October 5, 2021) we received the following praise report:

I give God the glory for the manifestation of His healing power.
The scan shows the shrinking of the tumour.
Our God is faithful and worthy of our praise.
Many thanks for standing in the gap.


Praise Report! Tumor Shrinking!