Saved by the Broken-Down Jeep — Praise Report!

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Praise Report, Testimony

An Answers2Prayer subscriber recently asked for prayer for her brother-in-law, Albert. He had purchased a new army jeep in a different state, almost 2000 km from home. His plan was to drive the jeep all the way back by himself. He would have been cutting across different states, passing through forest areas and different terrains, and following highways of both good and bad condition, all across the northern part of India. We were asked to pray for his protection and for his safe return.

Further communique with the subscriber indicated that Albert was not a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. About a week prior to this, the subscriber stated that she became disturbed when someone from Africa told her sister that there was going to be a death by accident. Both his wife and his sister-in-law, the one who had requested prayer, then suffered nightmares in regards to this trip. His wife reported that she was in complete shock in her dream when she saw her husband in a coffin. The sister-in-law dreamed that Albert was driving jeep in the clouds. In her dream, she asked his wife when he would land. His wife said he would land, but the sister-in-law never saw him land before she awoke. At that stage, she asked for prayer, and she, herself, began praying and asking God to cancel every plan of the enemy over Albert’s life.

The next day, we received this report from Albert’s sister-in-law: “I just got to know that there was a small problem in the vehicle and it stopped. Apparently a screw fell off. Albert managed to reach Delhi. He is coming back by air and getting the vehicle shipped the rest of the way back home.”

She then texted us to let us know that Albert had arrived home safely. She and her sister are thanking God for that screw that fell off. They give God the praise that Albert had to fly home and therefore whatever danger might have befallen him while he was driving the rest of the way had no chance to do so.

Praise God! When He sends us warnings, and when we respond to those warnings with prayer, the doors are opened for Him to intervene in what might have been disastrous outcomes!


Saved by the Broken-Down Jeep — Praise Report!