Praise Report! Family united by power of prayer!

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Answered Prayers, Praise Report, Testimony, Victory

Praise Report! A few months ago, we posted a praise report for Alcy’s brother, Brian, who has been victorious over addiction for the past several months. But that’s not all! God’s not finished pouring out His miracles in Brian’s life! Never underestimate the power of a praying sister… Here is the rest of Brian’s story, as told by his sister, Alcy:

We been praying with him everyday since.

It seems impossible for the family to be restored considering his wife was of the Islamic faith, and they were separated for 7 years, however we never stopped praying .

On the 18th of December Brian went Cape Town to visit his now teenage daughter and his estranged wife.

One evening while I was talking to Brian after we prayed, he told me that Banu his wife and Tirah wanted to talk to me .

And this is what Tirah his daughter told me.

‘Thank you Aunty Alcy for praying for my dad, I can actually feel your love and support you give my dad .

I decided that I dont only want my dad on holidays but want him always and I want to relocate to Durban “

And this is what Banu told me.”we are tired of living apart from each other and decided to come live in Durban as a family , now I feel we can live as a family.’

In my heart I Just think God for answered prayers.

So this is the Journey of the life of my dear Brother Brian .

Now they are living as a family.

Tomorrow is Tirah’s birthday.

They will celebrate her Birthday , returning thanks to the Lord.

Reading your message about giving thanks to God reminded me how grateful and thankful to Jehova God for answered prayers .

Lyn we been praying for Brian over 20years.

And God Came thro for us Let us come alongside you in prayer as well! Message us (or send an email — ) your prayer requests and we will hold you up to the throne of Grace in prayer!


Praise Report! Family united by power of prayer!