What Is Death?

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Death, Poem

What is death … good question to search;
Philosophers and scholars, all men in the search.
They look the wrong place to find the reason.
It’s not discerned as you look at the season.

Many look to plants, animals, and such.
But, all they learn is not very much.
The reason that they have no answers to give,
They all die and never relive.

Ask the man who did it, raised a man from the dead.
Come forth Lazarus, you got sleep in your head.
Lazarus came forth, with a great step.
In the presence of Jesus, he had lots of pep.

Jesus said, “He is only asleep”;
Cross over the bar, an appointment to keep.
It is not important that you go to sleep,
But the appointment with Jesus you keep.

So what is death?  Something to fear?
No way, friend.  It is something to cheer.
The death of a saint, much rejoicing, I know.
The angels of heaven put on a great show!

© by Howard Vern Nicholson [email protected]


What Is Death?