Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

by | May 18, 2020 | Gratitude, Poem, Thankfulness, Thanksgiving

The turkey is roasting
And stuffed to the brim
The pies, they are cooling
While I talk to Him.  

“Dear God, there’s so many
That’s hungry this day
With no bed to lie on
And nowhere to stay  

Please teach me compassion
And help me to see
Just how to love others
The way You love me.  

Today is Thanksgiving
And I’m giving thanks
But not for the money
Or gold in the banks.  

I’m thankful for flowers
And birds in the trees
For blue skies and sunshine
Or a warm summer breeze.  

Thanks for the hard times
For they made me see
Just how to be grateful
For all you give me.  

Help me to remember
Those out there in need
And start at my doorstep
To stop all the greed.  

The hope for tomorrow
The gift of today
With God always watching
And lighting my way.

Sharlett F. Hunt


Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving