A Smile on Veterans Day

As I approached the resting area in front of the nursing home at James Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, I noticed a nice looking older gentleman sitting alone at one of the tables. He looked sad and I felt the need to talk to him.I walked over to his table and sat down on...

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The Storms of Life

The wicked winds, oh how they do blow Rushing to prepare as we all know The damage they cause, these storms are strong Can take lives and memories we've had for lifelong   We all rebuild, make things brand new God is our strength in all that we do For all life is...

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Another Senior Moment

I was talking to my friend, Joan, on the phone when she suddenly got real serious and I knew something was wrong. She said she had recently forgotten where her car was parked upon exiting WalMart. Not just once had this happened, but twice.She sounded so distraught...

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My God Can

A few years ago a friend gave me an empty coffee can. She told me she has one that she uses for a God can. She writes her prayers on little pieces of paper, then with lots of prayer, puts them inside the can. I have used mine over the years and must say that it does...

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Precious the Cat

My little cat came to me when she was barely three weeks old. This little thing who had nobody else but me. She is a small Hemingway with eight toes on the front and six on the back. Tortoise shell color they tell me, mostly black and blond. Of course I was amazed at...

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Sharlette Hunt