They Stumbled Over the Stone

by | Apr 26, 2020 | Poem, Resurrection

The tomb they tried to keep closed, but they stumbled over the stone;
They wanted to keep it a secret that Jesus Christ was gone.

Roman soldiers placed on guard knowing it meant their life;
I wonder if they finally realized that it was the Son of God, this Jesus Christ.

There were those who didn’t believe that Jesus rose on high;
Even to this very day some people still deny.

Saying Christ didn’t die on the cross that He just passed out;
While in the coolness of the tomb He came around……there lies the doubt.

Christians stumble over daily matters, but non-believers stumble over the stone;
They have no explanation of how one so weak could have gotten out on His’ own.

We know that it was God who came to claim His’ Son’;
If not for His’ grace and mercy, none of this would have been done.

It would have been just another story with two separate endings;
But one leads to a destructive end, the other to a glorious new beginning.

What words can I say that would begin to explain how I feel;
Stumble over the stone if you wish, but I know that it is real.

Pat Finn


They Stumbled Over the Stone