When Hope Fails

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Hope

While writing this article I am overwhelmed with a sense of despair. I’m sure each reader can relate to this feeling, because most people go through a time where they are despondent and have lost the vigor that having a sense of hope brings. I know the feeling of being lost all too well; in fact, I’m going through such a time right now. Most of my needs are being met, so it’s not a monetary issue, I haven’t lost a loved one, and I haven’t suffered some major tragedy causing me pain, so there is something deeper inside going on.

The emotions of hopelessness are extremely powerful-bringing down even the sturdiest of individuals, and can lead to severe depression and sometimes even thoughts of suicide. Everyone needs hope and love. Our society is such that there is no time for real connection to other people; therefore it doesn’t allow for that need of security and hope-filled emotion to permeate each individual. People are always on the move with work, social events, family dealings, and so on; leaving no room for real close intimacy. It is my belief that society needs a hope revolution!

So where is hope truly found? People find hope in various arenas like appearance, money, classy cars, high-level careers etc; however, most come up empty. The search for hope and security can be a never-ending cycle; leaving its victim sad, lonely, and empty. I think it’s time to re-evaluate the source of our hope. This article isn’t meant to be some bible-beating sermon telling every reader to just trust in God. I respect each individual and their belief system; however from my standpoint: God is my only hope. I am going through one of the roughest times in my life, my hope-meter is in the red, and I realize something must be done. I have tried so many things to make life better, but I continually come back to ground zero, probably like many of you reading this.

God continually encourages us to lean on Him and cast our cares on Him; which can sometimes be almost impossible. God is invisible, and you cannot just run up to him, with open arms, and be comforted. God will comfort us, but we have to entrust Him to do so. It’s simple to trust a friends comfort and consolation, because they are flesh and blood-sitting right in front of us; however it’s not so easy to trust in an invisible creator who supposedly cares for us.

God is so many things, but my favorite attribute of His is hope. He longs to bring His children hope and a future, but you must trust by faith that this is so. Like I said before, right now I am enduring pain and heartache that nobody would even comprehend, but I am continually placing my faith in God and His hope. It’s not easy, and I struggle minute by minute looking for a way out; however I know He is there and is bringing me a brighter future.

I challenge you, the reader, to trust in God with all your heart. Each person’s way of trusting God will be different, but it still shows a willingness to believe God is helping even though things are hard. Hope will come in due time; however you must be patient and keep your eyes wide-opened to Gods way of delivering His gift of hope. I encourage each reader to hold their head up high, because God has not forgotten you, and hope is around the corner…

Rob Price [email protected]


When Hope Fails