Looking Into the Mirror

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Mother's Day, Poem

I looked into the mirror and what did I see?
My Mother was looking back at me!
What a surprise this was to see!
When did I start to look like she?

Was it day, months, or years this took place?
No matter the time, it was her face.
I closed my eyes so very tight
knowing I looked a different sight.

There’s no understanding what happened to me;
Whenever I looked, it was her I would see.
Then thinking that’s not so bad after all.
I straightened my shoulders to stand just Mom-tall.

Looking like Mom was really all right!
For she always shines so very bright.
Now I knew why I finally saw this in there
because she is my Mom and I felt the tears
roll down my cheek as I smiled real wide-
‘Cause looking like Mom gives me such pride!

Sharon 2013


Looking Into the Mirror