One Who Hears our Prayers

by | Apr 18, 2020 | Mother's Day, Prayer

You hear, O LORD, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry.” (Psalm 10:17, NIV)

My mom and I are ministering to this lady Deepika we gave her a bible on Monday for like almost 10 years she was trying for citizenship in Kenya for her husband. She received rejection letters many times. She kept on applying continuously and persistently then on Tuesday the next day after she received the bible, the immigration office called her. The officer said that her husband’s form somehow came to his table and she was called for a meeting.

She doesn’t speak English so she asked my dad and her daughter to accompany her the next day to his office. Her husband cannot go because of his job restriction. The officer told her not to give his “no” to everyone and that was his personal line. When My mom gave her the bible she told her just read it and take your needs before God. “If this bible doesn’t help you come and return it to my house” She told Deepika . The next day she was shocked when she received this phone call. She said she wants to read the bible more. She wants to know this Jesus who answers her prayers. She said all her life she has been praying to idols in the hindu temple, but they never answered her. God though did heard her.

In fact my mom and another lady tried giving the bible to her on several occasions. She kept on rejecting and we didn’t want to force her. But on Monday My mom just told her to just take and see and read it if it doesn’t work she can return it. We prayed for her that night and we also requested that God will come through for her and she went home to receive her miracle the next day.

She said she will start going to church and even requested for an English bible for her daughter. I gave her the New testament I had at home. God is good and He is doing awesome things. I am so glad He is there.

She told me today when we were discussing about how the meeting went, She told me the immigration officer removed a bible from his office. He started discussing with them about the bible and bible verses. She was completely shocked when she saw him remove a bible in his office and this is a big shot officer, He said he will see what he can do to help her in conclusion to the meeting.

God truly answers prayers!


Thank you mom for making a difference in my life.


One Who Hears our Prayers