What Is the Power of Touch

by | Apr 12, 2020 | Caring

I spoke to a woman in Toronto. She was not a hugger, but something told her one day at the bus stop to offer a hug to a stranger.

Well my acquaintance, Paula, just didn’t want to offer a hug to a stranger, yet something inside of (intuition?) Her would not let up and finally Paula walked over and asked this lady if perhaps she needed a hug.

THE LADY NEEDED A HUG! She accepted a hug and the two got onthe bus together and chatted for many blocks.

Months and months later, the stranger at the bus stop, spotted Paula. She approached Paula and said: “Paula I want to thank you because of the hug you gave me so long ago. That hug saved my life. I was contemplating suicide that day. (SHe was also contemplating killing her daughter and son)

“Your hug made such an impression on me, I went home that day and .. well she made changes.. positive changes….. well the story is longer but the point is a cotton picking hug made the difference in life and death to this lady! She literally changed her life around because one person showed her a loving heart!!

My gosh we have not a clue how powerful is our smile, how powerful is one hug, how powerful is a caring heart! There is nothing like the Power of Touch!

Let us share ALL THAT WE Have!

May we not be stingy with our smiles and hugs!

Ellie Braun-Haley


What Is the Power of Touch