The Plea for Restoration

by | May 7, 2016 | Poem, Restoration

Lord, You just keep knocking on our hearts door,
But, some refuse to listen so they blindly ignore.
How long will You remain until Your tired of trying,
When You keep calling out the name of a nation whose denying?  

Lord, this world is in such deep sorrow.
There is not much hope for a brighter tomorrow.
So, Lord how long do You think we will stand,
Without the strength and protection of Your loving hands?  

We try to live our lives from day to day,
With just the laws of mankind guiding the way.
We cannot govern ourselves, and we shouldn’t try,
We need Your Commandments if we are to survive.  

Men have taken Your name down from evey wall.
So, that by their own standards and conditions they fall.
If they’ll replace Your name and heed Your words,
Then through prayer and supplication their voices may be heard.  

Lord, the ways of man are morally deceiving,
And in Your Book of Life some have stopped believing.
We must take the path our forefathers have trod,
By seeking the face and the guidance of God.  

© 2010 by Vickie Lambdin


The Plea for Restoration