The Hammer Met the Nail

by | May 9, 2015 | Poem, Salvation

The hammer met the nail, the nail met the flesh;
It was God’s intention from the start, that the two of them should mesh.
The soldiers took the man, the man took up the cross;
If not for this selfless act the world would be lost.

People just stood around and watched Him being crucified;
They acted like strangers……for Him they denied.
His Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and a few others, to Him stayed true;
There was nothing, for Jesus, that they wouldn’t do.

The nail met the flesh……..that held it to the wood;
There were only a handful of people who truly understood.
That it was a miracle from God, filled with mercy and grace;
For there was one and only one, who could every take our place. Amen

Pat Finn

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The Hammer Met the Nail