Sleep, My Beloved!

by | May 8, 2015 | Provision, Trials

Psalm 127:2b – For so He gives His beloved sleep. (NKJV)

Before my diabetic condition was diagnosed and correctly medicated, one of the negative symptoms I experienced was a nightly inability to rest or sleep more than an hour or so. This adverse symptom caused many other discomforts and inabilities, which alerted my attention to my need of help.

I am now blessed, and able to testify to healings of all sleep deprivation. I generally awake refreshed, giving praise, worship, and thanks to my Lord for His wonderful gift of sleep to me, His beloved.

Because of my previous experience, I know the opposite is true for those who strive and wrestle for sleep, only to lose. We may do our utmost, but hundreds of things flood our thoughts, as if all discomfort, troubles, and agitations were ours alone, as we see them dancing wildly and disturbingly before our closed eyes.

Of course, there are drugs, which can induce sleep of a kind, but this cannot compare to the healthy sleep that God bestows on His beloved ones. Bodily rest and sleep is a precious gift from God. We do not do well for long periods without it. But when God puts His loving fingers on our eyelids, He bestows a beautiful, peaceable, soothing balm upon us, with which sleep comes, and then we enter into His blissful, blessed rest.

We are comforted when we know that it is He who holds us and rocks us, He who draws the curtains of our minds against all troublesome doubts, fears, concerns, worries, and unbelief. We are soothed when we know it is He, our loving God, who takes the sore burning from our eyes as He whispers, “Sleep, My beloved.”

Prayer: Praise and thanks be to You, Lord, for You are always the answer to all the discomforts of our lives. Thank You that we can know and receive of Your loving gifts in so many healing, edifying ways. What an exceedingly abundant joy and comfort it is to know that You take pleasure in watching over Your beloved at rest. Amen and Amen!

Rosemary Renninson [email protected]
Westbury, Victoria, Australia


Sleep, My Beloved!