Thank You God for My Bloodline

by | May 12, 2014 | Poem, Salvation

His blood in me runs deep, for I am my Father’s child;
Each day He takes the time, to walk and talk with me awhile.
I come from a long line of great people, running back to David’s time;
Look at the heritage I have….thank You God for my bloodline.  

My Father is the King and that makes me special too;
Too many brothers and sisters to count, but I tell you what we can do.
When we come together, we are a force to be reckoned with;
We are our Father’s children, and He has blessed us with His’ gifts.  

The gifts of mercy, faith, hope, love and grace;
Back to the beginning, our bloodline can be traced.
Go ahead world, throw all you have, we will survive, we will do just fine;
For there is no way you can ever eradicate our God given bloodline.  

I’m so thankful for all I have and all I will ever receive;
But there is nothing that can compare, to what God gave you and me.
The blood stayed pure through it all, it beat the test of time;
We praise and thank our Father, for giving us His’ bloodline.

Pat Finn


Thank You God for My Bloodline