Tell Me, Preacher: Do You Think God Tells Lies?

by | May 12, 2014 | Honesty, Poem, Truth

This is the second Wed. he has come in and sat down in the last pew on the right;
Before I could get down from the pulpit to say hello, he’d be through the door and out of site.
He was a pitiful sight to behold with his ragged clothes and long unkempt beard and hair;
Looking like someone who didn’t have a friend in the world, like nobody ever cared.

If he comes back again, I will definitely talk to him before he can get away;
Asking God The Father to help me with what I am going to say.
I just know there is a story hidden there, that is busting at the seams to get out;
He is troubled deep in his soul, of this I have no doubt…

There he is, heading for the same pew and taking the very same seat;
I will make my move while preaching, before he has the time to get up on his feet.
I’m standing beside him now, just waiting for him to lift his head and look my way;
He slowly turns toward me and this is what he had to say.

“Tell me Preacher… do you think God tells lies?
Did He really send His only begotten Son, just to be crucified?
Has He not promised all a place with Him when on this earth our work is through?
Tell me Preacher, do you think God tells lies, or is it really true?”

The look in his eyes was terribly haunted, that it almost took my breath away;
They were so deep and troubled, like they were holding the world at bay.
I wondered what happened to him, what was his story;
I said a quick prayer asking God to help me, and that I would give Him all the glory.

He said: “Can God take away your pain and ease a heart that is full of sorrow?
Does He know what happened yesterday, today and forever tomorrow?
That some day the ones who follow Him will rise up through the Eastern Sky;
Are these things really true, Preacher… or do you think God tells lies?”

He looked so sad and lonely… like a man who’s spirit had been broken;
I could barely hear him asking these questions in a voice so softly spoken.
“Why do people go on sinning, why is the world so full of hate?
If God is telling the truth, when it comes to accepting Him, why do people hesitate?”

“Did not His only begotten Son suffer, while hanging on that cross?
Was what He did not enough… did He not pay the cost?
Then why do people ignore Him, why do they push Him aside?
Did this thing really happen Preacher… or do you think God told a lie?”

“Why are more not coming to The Father?… They should be coming in by the hordes;
It is the job of every follower of God, to bring lost souls to The Lord.
Are each one of you working to do your part… or is life passing you by?
Did God really tell the truth Preacher, or do you think The Holy Bible is a lie?”

Blood stained tears ran down His face, it made me start to cry;
He held His hands out for all to see, as he went walking by.
There were scars… you could see where the nails had been;
It was He who hung on the cross, to take away our sins.

We could also see the scars from thorns, that was made into a crown;
His ragged clothes started changing into a long, white, glowing gown.
He walked slowly to the door, turned and said with a sigh;
“It is all true… My Father would never lie.”

Pat Finn


Tell Me, Preacher: Do You Think God Tells Lies?