The Battle Is the Lord’s

by | May 11, 2014 | Poem, Protection, War

A fierce battle was beginning and I felt a stab of fear
I sensed inside myself that the enemy was near
And though I could not see him and an eerie silence fell
I knew we would be warring against the Gates of Hell

Then all at once it happened a surge of vicious power
The enemy struck hard and some troops began to cower
Many of our troops lay injured on my left hand and my right
An oppressive darkness fell an evil that was void of light

Then the raging stopped like a hurricane that dies
And in the haunted forest I could hear their echoed cries
Many soldiers lay wounded but their wounds were not to death
Though in the silence you could hear some gasping for each breath

It seemed all hope was lost but these valiant soul’s obeyed
Each soldier held their ground and then began to pray
The weapons that they used weren’t man-made guns and swords
They had learned from past experience that the battle was the Lords!

And without any warning a strong breeze began to blow
It became a mighty rushing wind that swept over each soul
And suddenly the answer came that took away our fear
We shouted with thanksgiving for the battle plan was clear

We felt the power of heaven this strength was not our own
Our eyes were set ablaze and all of our faces shone!
And as I looked around I was amazed how could this be?
Many of my wounded comrades were there, standing next to me!

Then with an awesome vengeance a mighty force unseen
Helped us crush the enemy, they in horror ran and screamed
The weapons of our warfare to most armies might seem odd
We fought by prayer, faith, hope, and love, singing praises to our God!

IGTC! (In Gratitude To Christ)–Neil Mickelson 12-20-90©


The Battle Is the Lord’s