by | May 18, 2010 | Church, Foundation, Jesus, Support

The beautifully decorated home was only two years old when we purchased it. It seemed ideal for us at this stage of our life that we bought it after the second viewing. As per standard procedure, we hired an inspector to assure all was well.

When we read the report , we were quite astonished. There was a problem with 2 of the footings. Footings are the support base, or ground work of a structure, and are extremely important in the support of the house. It seems construction code had been met, for cement pads had been poured every 8 feet and a support beam placed thereupon. The problem surfaced when we realized the beams did not line up with the main support beams for the first and second floor and also the roof. As time would elapse, the floor would sag and buckle, the walls would crack, and the weight of house would be too much to bear without proper support. Something would give. Those support beams in the crawl space of the house were just in the wrong place, even though they passed code. We hired someone to correct this situation, but it was an unforeseen expense and headache.

Just like those beams, our life can appear to be “in code” when we do good deeds, act charitable and go to church. But the truth is, we can be off center, just like those support beams were. If our footings of life are not grounded in God, the eventual weight of living in this world can cause us to crumble and fall.

Proper support starts with correct foundation. There is an old hymn that says “ the church’s one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord. She is his new creation by water and the word. From heaven he came and sought her to be his holy bride, with his own blood he bought her and for her life he died.” We must allow Jesus to be the “footings” in our life. With him, we will celebrate the joys of life and we will be able to face the adversities which come our way.

Marion Smith [email protected]