Precious the Cat

by | May 19, 2008 | God's Love, Self-Worth

My little cat came to me when she was barely three weeks old. This little thing who had nobody else but me. She is a small Hemingway with eight toes on the front and six on the back. Tortoise shell color they tell me, mostly black and blond. Of course I was amazed at her for being polydactyl.

We might have had a few fights in the almost three years she has been my baby. The end results are always the same. She knows when I am sick and becomes so unassuming.

She slept in my bed and got up in my hair when she was real small. I felt the need to take care of her. I also believe that she felt an instinct to care for me.

One evening, I had gone to bed and there was something left on the stove and she woke me, standing in my face. She was just a wee little character then. I felt like, “get outta my face” but when I realized something was burning, I immediately came awake.

Did I say she drove me nuts with her Jeckyl and Hyde personality? One minute, she was calm, the next she would fly and jump all over everything in my house, including the ceiling.

I tried to give her away but just couldn’t. I felt like this, nobody will feed her and take care of her as I do.

She would get up on my computer and rearrange anything I was doing. At the time I was writing a book and she just seemed to detain me.

This little kitten actually follows rules. I have never seen one who would roll a ball back and forth. Dogs do that not cats. I was thinking to myself that she uses reasoning.

This little cat does not get up on my table, she sits at my feet. I have trained her to respect what I say and she has been with me so long she is me. A neighbor told me last night that Precious was over “just visiting” and went on to say that she is just like me, so polite. And so pretty.

I just want to say that in this world there are many more likenesses than not. This little thing follows me anywhere. God knows what I would do without her.

Funny, I do believe that animals take on our personality. Sometimes, I swear, I can even hear her laugh. Probably at me.

If we look at ways we are alike and not our differences, this world will be a better place. If anybody out there is a cat person, you know what I mean about unconditional love.

When Jesus first loved me, I wasn’t real sure either but I didn’t throw him away. I was so unsure that I was lovable, something like my tiny kitten. That is true love.

Sharlett Hunt


Precious the Cat