Not One Bruise!

by | May 24, 2003 | Miracles, Protection

I am a 50+ oldster with many health problems, and although I have served the Lord for many years – 34 in fact, I had gotten to the point that I felt like I no longer could do anything for the Lord, because of it all.

One day I was driving along the freeway in San Antonio on one of the heaviest traffic sections, and prayed as I drove… the thing I was telling the Lord was I felt all used up, and no longer useful to Him, and so, since I felt ready to go home, it would be a service to me if He would call me home.

Just about that time, I saw my exit, and didn’t want to pass it, so I steered my car to get onto the off ramp… full speed ahead. When I turned I realized there were cars in front of me, so to avoid hitting them, I turned the wheel slightly, to go to the shoulder of the ramp. Instead, my car spun around a couple of times, and I thought I’d end up on the little grassy section beyond the shoulder. To my surprise, my car went past the grass and headed OFF a 20 foot cement ditch… in slow motion. Instead of screaming and panicking, I shut my eyes, and calmly said… okay Lord, HERE I COME… figuring for sure I’d be dead.

When I opened my eyes again, I was at the bottom of the ditch, upright, and the first thing that came to my mind was… I GUESS GOD STILL HAS SOMETHING FOR ME TO DO…. and I was so elated that God could still use me that I didn’t even think of the fall into the ditch.

A few moments passed and several policemen showed up (about 12 off and on)…and each one of them, after asking about my welfare, said something to the effect of .. lady, it’s a miracle you’re still alive….I’ve never seen a car fall that distance, and the people in it not be dead or terribly mangled.

To show God’s incredible power, not only am I alive, but, I suffered NOT one bruise. And as for my car… well… as I drove away from the accident, in my car, I thanked God that it also had NOT suffered even a SCRATCH. Praise the Lord…. glory to His name. The Bible says He will give His angels charge over us, and so He did that day, and is still even unto this day… and I THANK GOD for all His mercies.

Berni Anderson [email protected]


Not One Bruise!