When It’s Time

by | May 28, 2001 | Patience

“Poppa, when will they be ready?” The young child asked.

“When it’s time,” he replied.

Of course that could not, would not appease such a inquisitive young spirit such as she.

“Poppa, when will it be time?” She asked of him.

“When everything is just right. When all things fall into their proper places. When it is assured 100% that it is meant to be,” he said smiling at her.

She sat down for a moment and huffed in frustration.

“Why is it that I never get the right answer?” She mumbled.

“Do you mean, why is it you never get the answer you want?” He asked her.

“Yes!” She replied.

“Let Poppa show you,” he said as he took her hand.

They walked out onto the enclosed back porch area where Poppa does all of his planting. Weeks before Spring has arrived he begins sowing seeds for his garden.

Opening up a packet of seeds he poured a few into the young child’s hand.

“If I leave them right there, will they grow?” He asked.

“I don’t think so,” she replied.


“Because they aren’t in the ground,” she said.

“If I just put them in this dirt, put it up on my shelf and leave them alone, would they grow?”

“No, they need sunshine and water.”

“Right,” replied Poppa.

“Well, the bulbs we planted last year are in the sunshine, in the ground and they have plenty of rain. Why haven’t they grown?” She asked.

“Because it’s not time.”

“Oh, Poppa!”

“Let’s say that last year they came up on March 28th. Does that mean that they will again on March 28th this year? No. Because all of the things that are supposed to happen in order to make them grow doesn’t always happen at the same time every year,” he told her.

“When it’s time! What clock are we using?” She asked as she laughed.

“God’s. Everything is in God’s time,” he said.

I’ve been ready, I thought, for my dreams to grow. I’ve been ready a long time now. I’ve planted and watered the seeds. Like that child I keep returning to God asking, “Father, when will they be ready?”

After all this time you’d think I’d know the answer, but still…like a child I am impatient.

He spoke to me clearly today and said, “When it’s time!”

Because I trust in Him, I know when they finally bloom, my dreams will be everything I imagined and more.

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When It’s Time