Who We Are

by | May 29, 2000 | Control, Poem

How inadequate we are,
How simple.
One can believe they are in control.
How absolutely absurd that is!!

Can we even imagine the depth of awareness?  

Our small minds absorb such small matters.
Can we even contemplate the vastness of the universe?
How simple man really is! Our knowledge is minute when weighed out.  

Man controls nothing!  We are but dust.
Only the Almighty God is complete.
He is in charge of every second of everyday.
He is the Lord God almighty!!  Eternal God!!

Sharon Niese nananpopo@wcnet.org

I wrote this at a very trying time while my Mom was so very ill and they called the family to the hospital.  God in His unfailing love let Mom come home to us once more and I thank Him and give Him all glory and honor. 


Who We Are