Coffee on the Shore

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Resistance, Temptation

I spent the last 10 days in a place I refer to as paradise. It’s down along the beach in South Carolina. What with the sand, the surf, and over 100 golf courses nearby I figure it is probably as close to paradise as I’ll ever find here on earth anyway.

Well one particular day last week I took my coffee and headed down to the beach. It was a beautiful day, sun shining brightly and the water was just beautiful. I sat there on the beach sipping my coffee watching this little boy playing in the surf.

He couldn’t have been any older than four or five. He was out there in the surf challenging the waves next to his father. Standing there steadfast, feet firmly planted in the sand as the waves broke on top of him. The waves knocked him around a little bit but he seemed determined not to fall down no matter how big the waves were.

Suddenly a very large wave washed toward shore … Fearing he’d be knocked down he reached out and grabbed onto his father’s hand. His father held his hand tightly until the wave finished breaking over the little boy. The little guy never did fall and he stood there again with his feet planted firmly awaiting the next wave.

As I sat there I took another sip of coffee and thought about what I had just seen. I thought about how it was so much like us in our Christian walk … How there are times when no matter how steadfast we seem to be standing… The seas can get a little rough, the temptations to sin grow. It is times like these that all we need to do is reach out and grab onto Our Heavenly Father’s hand … And he will guide us through the rough seas, leaving us standing steadfast once again.

Just a thought over coffee!

Kevin Romer (Durango)

Copyright © Durango Reprinted with permission


Coffee on the Shore