Following the Rules

A Full Cup of Coffee

It was quite hectic around work the other morning . . . I had about fifty things all going on at once. Problems left over from the night before, several people all trying to get my attention at once, the phone ringing away . . . And all of this BEFORE I even had the...

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Coffee and Prayer

I went to visit Grandma yesterday, but it wasn't the same type of visit as usual. You see this time when I went to visit her I had to go visit her in the hospital. Grandma was rushed to the hospital last week because she had passed out. Well, I spent some time...

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Coffee and Fallen Leaves

I took my coffee out on the deck this morning to enjoy the crisp autumn air. As I stepped out onto the deck I heard the distinct sound of leaves crinkling beneath my feet. Now this really shouldn't come as any surprise considering all the trees in the backyard that...

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Coffee and Monopoly

I walked into the kitchen the other evening to pour myself a cup of coffee. My sons were all sitting around the kitchen table playing a game of Monopoly. I stopped to watch the game for a little while . . .It reminded me of when I was a kid. Grandpa would come to...

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Coffee and the Manger Scene

I had my nephew Little Joey visiting at the house yesterday. He’s an adorable little guy five years of age. Anyway, when Little Joey comes to visit I usually take a walk with him.First we’ll walk down to Vince’s Deli and I’ll get a cup of coffee and Little Joey will...

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Coffee and the Skateboard

The weather has been rather spring like around these parts lately, rather strange for the month of January in New Jersey. The spring like weather has my boys all enjoying the outdoors in ways not normal for January.For example , I came home from work the other night...

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Coffee on the Shore

I spent the last 10 days in a place I refer to as paradise. It's down along the beach in South Carolina. What with the sand, the surf, and over 100 golf courses nearby I figure it is probably as close to paradise as I'll ever find here on earth anyway.Well one...

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