Coffee and the Skateboard

by | Jun 4, 1999 | Discipling, Example

The weather has been rather spring like around these parts lately, rather strange for the month of January in New Jersey. The spring like weather has my boys all enjoying the outdoors in ways not normal for January.

For example , I came home from work the other night and parked my truck out in the driveway. I jumped out of the truck and headed up the front walk towards the house. The next thing I know I’m lying on the ground writhing in pain. Seems one of the boys left his skateboard right there in the middle of the walkway for me to trip over.

Well I took a few moments gather my composure so that I didn’t go in and raise Cain over it . . . Then I walked into the house to find my darling wife and my sons sitting in the kitchen talking.

I said hello and mentioned something about how nice the weather had been all day. Everyone agreed that it had been a lovely day and then, the truth came out . . . Bamm-Bamm said “It was so nice today that I even went out to ride my skateboard.”

So I said, “that reminds me, I want to thank you for that reminder of what it feels like to fall off of a skateboard.”

He asked what I meant and so I proceeded to show him the tear in my new pair of jeans and the gash in my leg.

“What happened” he asked.

I told him that he left his skateboard in the middle of the front walk and I had stumbled over it and fell. He apologized and said he didn’t mean to leave it in the walkway.

So after cleaning out the gash in my leg I sat down and poured myself a fresh cup of coffee. I thought about that skateboard out in the walkway . . . And how Bamm-Bamm didn’t intentionally leave it there for me to trip over. And then I got to thinking about how it is in our Christian walk.

I thought about how easy it is for us to stumble over a block left in our path . . . And how easy it is for us to unintentionally set a stumbling block in someone else’s path. I thought about how easy it can be at times to get mixed up with a false teaching or a false doctrine and how it can cause us to stumble for a bit . . . And I thought about how easily we can cause someone else to stumble . . .

I thought about how we are to be setting examples for others . . . And how when we stray from the path by committing sin others can be led into it by following our example. I thought about how we can unintentionally set stumbling blocks for others through our words and our actions . . . And how important it is for us to try to make sure we don’t set those stumbling blocks for others.

Just a thought!



Coffee and the Skateboard