I Hear Your Cry

by | Jun 3, 1999 | God's Love, Jesus, Poem

So, why do you cry,
 When you live so wrong?
 Why do you cry
 When you have no song?

 Why are you so content
 To live in deep sin?
 You try every thing;
 Gamblin’, dope, and gin.

 You have greed, lust, and pride;
 Brag of exploits, all things tried.
 You run to and fro, and on the go.
 But, to honor your word, is no.

 You build and can’t enjoy,
 Spend all your money on a toy,
 Compete to be on top …
 Everything you try is a flop.

 Why don’t you learn, my man,
 You can’t to it all by yourself?  I can.
 Well, then why do you hurt and cry?
 Is it because of your blind eye?

 I hear your cry.
 So, listen to me.  Don’t cry.
 I will save you and bless you,
 If you come unto me.  I am for you!

 I am Jesus the Christ, the Son,
 Eternal life and blessings, son.
 Obey my Word and live it …
 The greatest life, so get it.

 © by Howard Vern Nicholson realvern@compuage.com


I Hear Your Cry