The Way God Sees

by | Jun 2, 1999 | Perspective, Poem

I look and see a helpless child, who’s weak and insecure.
God sees a mighty saint of God, with faith that’s strong and sure.

I see a mountain in my path, too high, too wide to span.
God sees the tunnel going through, according to His plan.

I see the failures in my life, that all the world can see.
God sees my failures turned to gain, my loss to victory.

I see the wild and stormy seas, with waves that crash and roar.
God see the lighthouse guiding me in safety to God’s shore.

I see small puzzle pieces of life’s picture that I face.
God sees the final masterpiece, with each small piece in place.

Although my earth-dimmed eyes can’t see the plan God has for me,
I know He’ll help me to be strong, and win the victory!

Betty Jo Mings

I am a Christian Grandmother (married over fifty years) and I live in Garden Grove, California. I have been writing poems and articles since I was nine years old. In both High School and College (Biola University) I wrote for their school papers.


The Way God Sees