I Am So Sorry

by | Jun 2, 1999 | Obedience

“…Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice…” 1 Samuel 15:22 (KJV)

“Find your black shoes and your pretty purple dress”, I said to my nine year-old granddaughter, Mary Kathryn. “And go ahead and lay out your Sunday coat”, I added.

“Oh, I know where everything is”, was Mary Kathryn’s reply.

Knowing we had to get up early for Sunday School, I went on to bed without checking to see if she had done as I told her. It really didn’t enter my mind that her shoes and coat would not be ready for us to go to church.

The next morning I slept a few minutes longer than I should have. Granddaddy had left earlier, as usual, to sing in the choir for early church. Mary Kathryn’s sister was sick and I knew her mother was planning to take her to ‘sick call’ at the Children’s Clinic. That left Mary Kathryn and me to get ready and get to Sunday School on time.

Hurrying along Mary Kathryn came in my room with her black hose and one brown shoe. Not at all what I had asked her to get ready on Saturday night. Gently, I rebuked her and then went with her to help find the black Sunday shoes to match the black hose and purple dress.

There they lay in the floor of her closet. She finished dressing and put on the shoes. Gently, again, I reminded Mary Kathryn to get her coat. Here she came with her school coat instead of the Sunday one that I had asked her to have ready for today. I was so disappointed because we were ready to walk out the door and I had to go back and help her search for the coat that she needed to wear to church.

This time I was a little sterner with my reprimand. To the point that she was weeping. “I am so sorry, grandma. I will remember to do what you say next time,” Mary Kathryn promised between tears. Not wanting to crush her quiet, gentle and normally obedient spirit, I knew I must apologize and ask her to forgive me for being harsh with her.

God was gracious and met us both there in the car as we accepted each other’s apology. Mary Kathryn for not obeying. Me for being critical. We finished the short trip to Sunday School laughing, singing and playing our “Thank You, Lord” game we often do on the way to church.

However, I felt that God was nudging me to use the words and tears of the morning as a spiritual lesson to us. I reminded Mary Kathryn that just as I, her grandmother, had wanted obedience from her that early Sunday morning, God wants our obedience to Him as well. When He speaks to us through His Word, our spirits, or godly counsel he delights when we hear and obey Him.

Mary Kathryn and I prayed together we would not disappoint each other and our Heavenly Father again, and that we would always remember He has told us in His Holy Word, “to obey is better than sacrifice.”

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Melva Cooper is a wife, mother, and grandmother form Jonesboro, Arkansas. She is a contributing writer for Obadiah Magazine, Northeast Arkansas Parent, Christian Motorsports Illustrated and Just-A-Minute. Melva is also a staff writer for www.catchfence.com and has been published on several websites and ezines. One of her “Grandparenting” stories will be in Living By Faith to be published by Obadiah Press later this year.


I Am So Sorry