Are You Ready?

by | Jun 1, 1999 | Eternity

With a telephone call came the good news that the biopsy was negative and there would be no need for further treatment.

A colonoscopy for most people is a standard test. Now performed about every ten years. But, when your mother died from the dreaded disease – colon cancer – the routine test comes around much more often. Usually there is that gnawing question in the back of your mind, “Will this be the day they find something negative much like they did in my beloved parent?”

They were at the hospital early. Medicine was given intravenously and swift, sweet, sleep enveloped her. She woke up to the doctor’s voice informing her that only one polyp was found and removed. And then he mentioned a fatty mass had been discovered at the top of the colon. It didn’t appear to be anything serious but a biopsy was taken for further observation.

Then came the waiting. The doctor had tried to assure her that it appeared OK. But memories surfaced of those last two years her mother lived. She vividly remembered there had been surgery and then more surgery. No chemo was recommended even though the pain was intense. The cancer was already too far advanced.

Finally death came as her two daughters stood and held her hands. Very briefly she opened her eyes as if to say, “Thank you for being here with me as I leave this earthly body and go to live forever with my heavenly Father.” With that same look she seemed to add, “I will be waiting for you at that glorious place with streets of gold and gates of pearl.” It was not easy to let her go, but we knew she was already meeting face-to-face with our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

These thoughts were going through her mind as she waited for the results of the test that could place her down that same difficult road.

But, alas, the news was good! There was no malignancy. Everything was benign. Suddenly, there was a new release on life. More time to finish the tasks that needed to be finished. More time to love and care for her family. More time to just be what God wanted her to be. More time to minister in His Name!

If your test does not come back with those same positive results, are you prepared for the answer you will receive?

Today, let’s prioritize our lives before we are forced to hear such physically condemning words. Put your trust in Jesus, the Great Physician.

My mother did. She is worshipping in heaven at the feet of Jesus today. My sister did. She continues to worship Him here with her family and friends knowing that someday she will join our mother in that paradise.

Both were ready. One for heaven, and the other to complete her time here on earth.

Can you say the same? Complete your readiness now to meet our Lord.

Melva Cooper


Are You Ready?