The Trophies of Intercession

by | May 31, 1999 | Intercession

I will share one story, however, to illustrate. Cindy Jacobs, in her book Possessing the Gates of the Enemy, tells of walking in the watchman anointing at a kairos time. While attending a prayer gathering in 1990, she was awakened one night at 2:00 A.M. with a sense of alarm. As she waited on the Lord, He brought to her mind the picture of a couple and their three children, a family she knew was traveling in their van to the meeting. In this vision she saw a wheel on their van come off, causing a terrible accident.

Cindy began to pray fervently for their safety and continued throughout the night. Upon their arrival the following day, she asked if they had had any problems with the right wheel. Though they had not, Cindy insisted they go to a garage and get it checked. The mechanic who inspected the van was amazed. He said there was no way they should have been able to drive the van without the wheel coming off.

Upon returning from the mechanic, Cindy’s husband, Mike, who had accompanied the brother to the garage, held up a bag and declared, “The trophies of intercession.” It held the old bearings from the right front wheel.’

That is the watchman anointing in operation, sensing the danger at a kairos time and establishing boundaries (paga) of protection through intercession.

Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets, p.239. 1996, Gospel Light/Regal Books, Ventura, CA 93003. Used by Permission.


The Trophies of Intercession