Just Dust Me Lord

by | May 31, 1999 | Discipline, Poem

He made Adam from a piece a clay
That was a very exciting day
He made Eve, a beauty I believe
Then she sinned and had Adam to do as she pleased
That day brought on so much shame
It was the day that humans understood pain
Just dust them Lord

He made me and Lord I have sinned
That is how I know that his love for me began
He died on that cross that I might be saved
Just dust me dear Lord that I will behave

How loving am I as I look at my broken friends
The ones that today I know that will stray
Is my love unconditional as you say
Just dust me Lord today as I pray

You gave me good ears that I might hear
Do I use my lips for bringing my brothers down
Help me dear Lord to kneel and to pray
For forgiveness of sin that is committed today
Just dust me Lord as I seek your face

Father mold me into the person that you desire me to be
Help me to be wise and obedient you see
I need to be refreshed and forgiven of sin
It is today that I desire a new life will begin
Just dust me Lord as I really try to be better

Help me to look at the poor and afflicted through your eyes
Reach out a hand to share my goods before they die
I see so many that need a helping hand from me I cry
Just dust me Lord that I will really try

God bless my family and friends this moment
My desire is to help them know you as I search more
May they be blessed and realize that it came from you
Slow then down to take a deep breath, to realize that you are the best
Just dust me Lord that I can be the example that you would have me to be

Just dust me Lord for you are the only one
That can do that for me and make me your voice
My desire is to serve you in any want you want
Just dust me today before someone else is lost

Sarah Berthelson Sarah@Answers2Prayer.org


Just Dust Me Lord