The Circle Around the ©

by | Jun 10, 1998 | God's Love, Poem

The reason there is a circle,
around the letter ©,
Is because there isn’t one single copy,
of another you or me

The circle represents God’s love,
and His Son He sent to save
He cared enough to let ©hrist die,
for our sins in full He paid

And ©hrist remains inside the circle,
God’s right to claim us all
His desire that all will enter the circle,
to follow His Father’s call

We see the © everywhere we go,
in books and magazines
So few know why the © is circled,
and what it really means It means

©hrist is in everything,
He knows our every need
Our prayers go not unnoticed,
as He hears each earnest plea

The reason there is and will remain,
a circle around the ©
It shows the world how great
©hrist is, to work through you and me…

©~Brian G. Jett


The Circle Around the ©