Cancelled Surgery

by | Jun 10, 1998 | Uncategorized

“Hello Everyone: Good news. Linda is now on the mend and will be OK, she will probably be in the hospital a couple more days, then come home.

One week ago today, Friday, I was there when the lung doctor came in and said we will operate on you now. He would go down and prepare. Lunch was being served, then the nurse come in and took her food away and said you are being prepared for surgery. About an hour went by and nothing. I started asking when, finally a nurse come in and said it was cancelled and they were going to do a more simple procedure and see if it would work instead.

Later we found out that the lung doctor consulted a couple other doctors while preparing to operate. One doctor who we do not know yet to this day insisted on no surgery and try this simple procedure first. This doctor apparently made such a fuss about it that he got his way.

In a earlier message I mentioned maybe they would operate on Monday morning. It also got cancelled because Linda was just starting to react to the good. It was touch and go a couple more days and then she started to definitely improve. So here we are today.

Who was this doctor????? He was the one sent into this situation by PRAYER. God intervened into Linda’s case and brought healing to her lungs. He also sent a doctor which was not any of Linda’s doctors. Just someone who happened to be there and was asked, “What do you think”.

This all happened because of your prayers and your petition to our Lord and Saviour to be with Linda. Thank You for your PRAYERS.



Cancelled Surgery