A Tribute to Baby Adler

by | Jun 6, 1998 | Parenting, Poem

The Gift of Life, a miracle in the making,
So fragile, yet so strong to go through the process
from a fertilized egg to a breathing human being.
A life that begins with love,
and can continue on to his own dreams and aspirations.

Something every mother dreams about for her child
while it is growing so in her womb.
But wait, where did that little life go?
It was there and gone like a vapour in the air.

How could this be, a little life in the making so loved and so pure?
Does God have a better plan for you?
It’s something that Mom and Dad may never have the answer to.
Faith in our God, our answer for all our mysteries.

Somehow God gets us through the most difficult times,
even the times He doesn’t seem to make sense.
No apparent reason, but trust is the key.
The key to our only peace.

To rest in His loving arms our baby “Squirt” you must do.
We love you dear one, from us to you.

Written By: Debby Adler hunsun@ticon.net


A Tribute to Baby Adler