The Plug

by | Jun 11, 1997 | Deliverance, Sin

In a book by S.D.Gordon there is a story about a little town nestled in the foothills somewhere, nicknamed ‘Sleepy Hollow’. It was in a very dry area so some enterprising citizens ran a pipe up into the hills to a lake of clear, sweet water. As a result the town enjoyed a plentiful supply of water year round without being dependent on the irregular rainfall. The population increased and the town experienced boom conditions.

One morning the townspeople turned on the taps but no water came. There was some spluttering and some noise but nothing else. The men climbed the hill. The lake was as full as ever. They examined around the pipes but there was no break or apparent blockage. They could find no cause for the stoppage. Days grew into weeks and still no water. People began moving away from the town, the grass grew in the streets and the town once again took on the appearance of ‘Sleepy Hollow’.

One day a town official received a note – poorly written with bad spelling and grammar. It said; “Ef you’ll jes pul the plug outer the pipe abowt eight inchis from the top you’ll gets all the water you wants.” Up the hill the men went again, dug up the pipe and found the plug that some vandal had inserted. It’s amazing just how much water can be held back by a small plug. Out came the plug; down came the water; and prosperity came back to the town.

Why is there such a lack of power in our lives? God’s reservoir is full of clear, sweet, life-giving water. And all around us the world is thirsting for those waters. Why doesn’t it flow? Because there is a plug in the pipe. Something in us is blocking the pipe and nothing can get through. So how can we get that power, that abundant life-giving sweetness in our lives. The answer is complex yet simple – pull out the plug.

How? Just bow your head and quietly say to Him: “Lord Jesus, show me what there is in my life that is not pleasing to you; what would would you change?” You may be sure that He will. He is faithful. He will put His finger on the spot very surely. Then add a second clause to that prayer; “Lord, if you will help me I will deal with it, no matter what the personal cost.” Offer that prayer faithfully, and listen for His response. It will open up a life of blessings and a flow of life-giving sweet water.

Thanks to Pastor Ron Clarke [email protected]


The Plug