Praise Reports for June, 2022

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Answered Prayers, Praise, Praise Report

Below are just a few of the many praise reports that are coming in as a result of prayer warriors holding up one another in prayer! Answers2Prayer warriors are happy to hold your needs up before the throne of grace as well! Send us your prayer requests via:
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Prayer Request: We have been praying for Philip who was facing difficulties with the sale of his home and the purchase of another.

Praise Report: Yes, we have made it to our new home. While there are still some things that need to happen to finish business with our previous home, it is coming together now and our path is clearing. Thank you for your prayers and as you help others may it return to you all abundantly. You are appreciated! Phil



Prayer Request: We have been praying for John’s retirement house sale for months. It looked bleak for a while.

Praise Report: just thought I would share with you our answered prayers, I just closed the deal on my retirement home this afternoon it’s been a long journey started on 3-24-22 and I will tell you about it later but thanks for encouragement and prayers praise God!!!



Prayer Request: We have been praying for this family’s financial situation. The father is unable to work due to cancer, the mother had her hours cut, and the adult son hadn’t been able to find work.

Praise Report: Thank you so much for your prayers. We’re doing a little bit better now, financially.



Prayer Request: Need prayers for Naomi she is not feeling well all tests done on her came out negative. She is not eating but vomits when she takes anything.

Praise Report: Hello my sister glory be to God He heard our prayers and healed Naomi thank you for always being there for us



Prayer Request: We’ve known for 3 years that our pastor son would likely be ordained this year, and in May he met all the requirements and passed his ordination interview. The actual ordination ceremony would be done on a date that the head office picked… Now this is something that means a lot to us as parents, and naturally we really wanted to be there in person when he is ordained. But he lives on the other side of Canada, over 4000 km away, and flights aren’t cheap.

Meanwhile we planned a road trip to see them this summer, and of the whole year we would only be at his church July 31 and August 7. What were the chances that he would be ordained on one of these weeks? We told God the desires of our hearts and claiming the promise that He gives us our heart’s desires, we submitted ourselves to His will.

Praise Report: We just heard today that our son will be ordained … July 31, one of the 2 Sundays in the entire year that we will be at his church!


Prayer Request: We have been praying for Katherine, who was diagnosed with an agressive form of breast cancer.

Praise Report: So excited to tell you Katherine’s cancer has not metastasized!! It is in one lymph so they will start chemo on Tuesday. But I feel excited about this. As I prayed for her yesterday the word “encapsulated” came to me…I was very encouraged by that. The cancer isn’t quite encapsulated, but I’m taking this word and running with it…praising God!!!


Prayer Request: A couple months ago I asked for prayer for our son Donovan who has been struggling with a particular part of his doctoral research for over 2 years.

Praise Report: Praise God, the problem is resolved!


Praise Reports for June, 2022