Praise Reports for May, 2022

by | May 31, 2022 | Praise, Praise Report, Prayer

Below are just a few of the many praise reports that are coming in as a result of prayer warriors holding up one another in prayer! Answers2Prayer warriors are happy to hold your needs up before the throne of grace as well! Send us your prayer requests via:
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Prayer Request: We have been praying for Doyin who is undergoing cancer treatment.

Praise Report: I just want to give God the glory.
My radiotherapy sessions will end on Wednesday.
God has been faithful. He kept me safe, strong and healthy (i kept up with my exercises 😁).
I also had a review with my oncologist yesterday he commented that my test results were ‘excellent’.
My next review will be in 6 months dv.
I just want to thank God for making His word regarding healing, manifest in my life.



Prayer Request: We have been praying for Fahrid who has a serious eye condition.

Praise Report:

Improving, I used to suffer from dry eyes because of my condition.
The last week and this one, I have noticed that I feel very fresh my eyes, I stop using my eyes drops the last week after praying to God, and its incredible that I feel my eyes more freshener than before jeje.
I know its the power of God.



Prayer Request: We have been praying for Sharmila who was undergoing medical tests.

Praise Report: Dear Sister, I got all reports normal. Thanking and praising God. Thank you all for your prayers .



Prayer Request: We have been praying for Rebecca who was in a serious car accident.

Praise Report:

Rebecca is okay. She is home. Extremely slow moving. Just bruises n soreness.
And I’m okay with that.
The good Lord spared 3 young women with children that day and I cannot say thank you Lord enough cuz it could of been so much worse. I just pray she has a speedy recovery. Thank you all for everyone’s prayers



Prayer Request: We have been continuing to pray for Fabienne. She was hospitalized for 2 months with a serious lung infection. She was not supposed to make it. She went home on Oxygen last month. But her story isn’t over yet…

Praise Report:

Well, I went to the pneumologo today….I don’t have to take oxygen anymore!!! And she made a schedule to reduce cortisone because you can’t quit all at once…

I was very surprised by this enormous change, even radical!!!

She made me make an appointment to retake a CT scan and other respiratory exams and I have another appointment with her on July 22 I will also do a blood test.

Big kisses 😘❤🙏😘🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞


Prayer Request: We have been praying for Pascal: I found out this past week that my hemoglobin is very low, pre-stage to diabetes.  My doctor suggested to retest in May as I was fasting for almost two weeks before the blood test. There is high incidence of diabetes in my family, lost all my brothers and father to it.  I am praying that the low hemoglobin is related to the fast and the fact I was not taking enough liquids.  The Lord is in control and I trust his Will.

Praise Report: Praise to our Faithful Lore! I am out of the risk zone for diabetes. My A1C blood test came out very nice, the hemoglobin level went down. My overall blood test came out excellent—all organs in good health, good count of white and red cells, and everything else. I thank you, Rob, and all the prayer warriors for praying for me.


Praise Reports for May, 2022