Lenten Devotionals: Tell Me Who

by | Apr 9, 2022 | Easter, God's Love, Sacrifice

“And some began to spit on Him and to cover His face and to strike Him, saying to Him, ‘Prophesy!’ And the guards received Him with blows.” (Mark 14:65 ESV)

It sounds a bit weird. Why were people saying, “Prophesy!” to Jesus when they were hitting Him? If we look at the same story in Matthew, we find the answer: They were playing a sick game. They had Him blindfolded so He could not see, and whenever they hit Him, they would say, “Prophesy to us, You Christ! Who is it that struck You?” (Matthew 26:68 ESV).

A sick game—but a very easy question for Jesus to answer. Who hit Him? Someone He came to save. Someone He loved before the beginning of the world. Someone He would suffer and die for, in just a few more hours. Someone who needed Him desperately, whether they knew it or not—needed His forgiveness, His love, His mercy, His gift of everlasting life.

And so Jesus stood there and took the beating—not just for the sake of those who hit Him, but for us as well, whose sins sent Him to the cross. Who did it? Me. You. All of us. And who loved us then, and loves us now, and will love us forever, sharing His everlasting joy and life with us? Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, we have no words but “thank You.” We love You. Amen.

Reflection Questions:

* When you were a child, did your family ever ask you who did something? When?
* Is it difficult for you to read about what Jesus went through for you?
* Does it help at all to remember that He loves you wholeheartedly and holds none of that against you, ever?

Lenten Devotions were written by Dr. Kari Vo.
Reprinted from Lutheran Hour Ministries

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Lenten Devotionals: Tell Me Who