by | Jun 18, 2021 | Expectation

“The hope of the righteous brings joy, but the expectations of the wicked will perish.” (Proverbs 10:28 ESV)

“And he fixed his attention on them, expecting to receive something from them.” (Acts 3:5 ESV)

The definitions, according to google, of expectations are, “A strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.”

Another definition from google is, “A belief that someone will or should achieve something.”

Are you expecting something? Can you barely wait until it comes?

I was expecting a package a week or so ago. I could barely wait for it to arrive. I knew what was in it because I ordered it. But that didn’t decrease my expectations of it.

We are like that with God. We expect him to work miracles in our lives and when they don’t happen our expectations go down. But just because we expect God to do something doesn’t mean He will. We have to do our part. For one thing we have to believe and obey. Do you just give a child everything they want? No. But why not? Because then they will just expect it every time and then it won’t be special to them if they don’t have to wait for it.

God wants us to be obedient and follow Him. He wants us to trust Him to take care of us. If we just expect God to hand us everything on a silver platter, then what do we learn?

I do have expectations though. I expect God to do a mighty work in all of us really soon. I expect to see His hand on all our problems and issues. I also expect to hear some powerful testimonies of what God is doing in your life.

So get ready and start expecting.

Kathy Keller