My Kitty Lets Me Love Her

by | Apr 27, 2020 | God's Love

Psalm 32:10b – The Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the one who trusts in him. (NIV 2011)

As I write this, it is winter, and the first thing I do every morning is to put wood in the fireplace. While I am doing so, my kitty stands at my feet and meows. I have come to know exactly what she wants. She is waiting for me to finish my work and then sit in the rocking chair close to the fire. As soon as I sit down, she jumps into my lap, flips herself upside down, and rests in my arm — much like a nursing baby. I stroke her chin and rub her tummy while she basks in the warmth of the fire. During those moments, she is the perfect picture of contentment and trust — just letting me love her. I consider it an honour to be trusted and appreciated — even if it is by my kitty.

Yet she has some downsides: She is a freeloader; she sharpens her claws on our furniture; she sheds hair; and she often whines for attention. Sometimes, we must chastise her. Sometimes, we simply accept her cattish ways.

My kitty is treated royally, even though she does not contribute economically. Her food is served in a Royal Dalton Beatrix Potter bowl. Visitors have been appalled to see a costly china bowl being used for a cat. But why not? If I want to give her a bone china bowl, who’s to say I can’t?

My kitty is a visual illustration of a spiritual truth. She helps me understand what it means to let God love me: to receive His love, and simply trust Him — just like my kitty trusts me.

It is not easy for me to let myself be loved by God. I tend to think that I should be busy doing something to earn His love, or I need to improve in some way so that I can be more deserving, or I dwell on how I can get my own needs met instead of trusting in the goodness of God. Perhaps deep inside, I fear that if I fully abandon myself to God, He might not be there for me. It is an issue of faith.

Nevertheless, God keeps drawing my focus back to Himself. He keeps on treating me royally — because He wishes to. May each of us be able to pray like this:

Prayer: Lord, I plead for the power to let You love me — to enjoy nothing more than resting contentedly in Your arms surrounding me, no matter what is happening. Help me to see that in this way I bring delight to You. Amen.

Diane Eaton [email protected]
Kincardine, Ontario, Canada

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My Kitty Lets Me Love Her