What the Cross Speaks to Me

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Poem, Salvation

I can’t remember the first time I heard the song “The Love of God,” but I really liked it. It was in our Church Hymnal, but I wanted my own song book with it in there so I could play it on my keyboard and sing it at home. I started praying that God would help me find a Hymn Book with it in at a yard sale.

One day a friend of mine called and wanted me to cut her hair. We set a time for me to do that. In the meantime a young man from my Church came and wanted me to go with him to see if there were any Bibles in the box he had placed in a shop to collect them for people in Africa that couldn’t afford them. At the store there was a sign that said they would be back in five minutes. We waited and waited. Finally, I said that we didn’t know when their five minutes began and it could be quite a while before they came back. The young man decided to go see if there were any Yard Sales going on. We went to a couple then back to the store. The sign was still there, but they weren’t. He decided to go to another yard sale, but I told him I needed to go home, because that lady was coming for me to cut her hair. He said he didn’t think it would take long to investigate the Yard Sale so that’s what we did. I was so glad we did because while we were there I found a song book that had “The Love of God” in it. When I asked the price I was told it was free. Whoa! God is so Good!!!

I had never seen such a song book like it before and God also gave me other special songs in it to worship Him with that I had never heard of before. One time I was in the bedroom crying because I was remembering my son’s death. After awhile I came out of the bedroom and looked across the room at the bookcase with that song book laying there on the shelf. The number 400 came into my mind so I decided to look it up in that book. When I did the song I found in it was called, “God Shall Wipe Away All Tears.” A beautiful song I had never heard before. He is such a Tender, Loving God! He knows what it’s like to lose a son. There was another song in it that has become special to me, also. It’s called “Gethsemane”. What a Friend He is! What an Awesome God!

He has taught me to turn some of the words around or substitute personal pronouns in the songs and make them into a prayer. Instead of singing Jesus Loves Me, I will sing to Him, “You Love me, this I know, for Your Word tells me so!” It changes the song and makes it personal like you are talking to Him in music. He is so Awesome!


He said “I Love you, this I cannot hide,”
And then He bowed His head and died.

Mercy hung upon the cross that day,
And Love kept Him there, my sins to pay.

To heal my broken heart and set me free.
To live with Him throughout eternity.

“Thank You Jesus!”

by Norma Wellman butterflyblue7@frontier.com


What the Cross Speaks to Me