You Are a Witness to All Men

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Great Commission, Poem, Witnessing

One night I had to stay late at the Nursing Home where I worked to finish up the doctor’s orders. It had been an unusually warm Spring day when I came to work, but when I left to go home I could see that the temperature had dropped. It was quite cold out. In fact it was so cold I think there may have been ice on my windshield.

On my way down the highway I passed a young man walking away from his car. He was just starting to walk down the road. His car appeared to have broken down.

I was leery about stopping to help him because you never know what someone may be up to. I could see he didn’t have a coat on. Later, he told me that he wasn’t wearing a coat because when he left home to go see his girlfriend it was nice out and he didn’t think he would need it.

I decided to let him use my cell phone to call home which was about ten miles away near the town where I lived. When he tried to call his parents he got the answering machine. He said that his parents must be asleep.

I decided to go ahead and give him a ride. As we drove along I was praying and praying that God would give me the words to say that would tell him how much He loved him. I couldn’t think of anything to say. When we got to his house he told me that he had been praying that someone would give him a ride home.

God didn’t give me the words to tell him that He Loved him. He gave me the actions to tell him of His great Love for him.

God showed me that sometimes it isn’t always what we say that counts, but what we do that God can use to bless others. He is Awesome!


Are you a witness unto all men?
It is expedient that Jesus may come again.
The life that you live is the greatest witness that there is.
It proves to all the world that you are truly His.

True happiness comes from knowing the One who died for you,
Peace of mind will be your reward your whole life through.
And when up in heaven you greet those you knew on earth,
They’ll credit your witness for their “New Miraculous Birth.”

by Norma Wellman [email protected]


You Are a Witness to All Men