Witnessing ‘Till the End

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Witnessing

“Ye also do testify, because from the beginning ye are with me.” John 15:27 (YLT)

Last Sunday at church, I ran into a very skinny man named Willy. His hair was all gone, cheeks sunken, eyes rolling in deep dark sockets, breathing in short labored puffs. In other words, pitifully weak.

As he shook my hand, his other hand went roaming in his backpack. “I’ve got to give you a gift.”. He repeated over and over. “A gift from Jesus.”. Then he handed me an unusual pen one I had never seen before with a retractable salvation message, after this he turned and said “goodbye,” “See you in heaven.”. I was puzzled with his statement. He could have said, “See you Sunday,” or the like.

I found out later from one of the church members that Willy’s lung cancer was now a stage 4. He could have just stayed in hospice but he chose to stay behind to work in the Lord’s vineyard.

May we pray for him?

Candy Araneta


Witnessing ‘Till the End