by | Jun 9, 1998 | Answered Prayers

Dear Prayer Warriors, I wanted to let you know how Haley “Izzy” is doing.

Last week they seen an improvement in her when her seizures dropped from 6 a day to 2 then 0!!!! We Thanked God right then! Then they gave her some soy milk through a tube and she kept it down. I knew this was a good sign! (She weighs about 6 pounds.)

On Monday they moved her to her own room!! She has a tube down her throat and an IV. She is still heavily sedated but isn’t that something!!! God id so good and merciful! We don’t know how she is as far as being normal but we have faith that God has healed her little body.

Thanks to everybody’s prayer. It made a difference. She wasn’t even supposed to live. Sorry I haven’t wrote sooner. I read these prayers, cry and print them out. There have been so many. Thank everyone you know from the bottom of my heart. I know that God has heard you!!!!!! This is when you know that Prayer Works Miracles!!!! I pray that God Blesses each one of you!! I will let you know how she s doing!!!! PS. Everybody in my family says “Thank You”!!!!!

Your Friend,

Lisa (Received on Tuesday November 14, 2000)