The Tough Get Going

Jesus Freaks

As a young teenager, I took music lessons at a local music school. My teacher, a nice young man and very patient instructor, surprised me one day by venting against Jesus Freaks.  Not being committed to my faith and questioning Christian teaching, I was afraid to...

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I Desire to Be Worthy

Lord Jesus I come to you today Asking to forgive me as I pray For the lack of service to you I desire to be worthy   Forgive me for not seeking your face As I start my day and began to race Into the world to do whatever I please  I desire to be worthy...

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The Worth of a Soul

By the time Helen was eighteen months old, her eyes were a bright blue, and her hair was a gold red. By the time her eyes grew from sky-blue to sea-green, I was certain that she would be a rare beauty. However, Helen's personality and innate kindness would always...

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And Because

Lord, I feel so downcast and so unworthy,Lord, I have been through so much in this life of mine The trials, circumstances, and the family matters, And with this life in general . . .Why do I feel so unworthy?Lord, I think about how unworthy I am in this world, and I...

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