When God Says “No”…

I heard a story about a young girl who wrote a letter to a missionary to let him know that her class had been praying for him. But evidently she'd been told not to request a response to her letter because the missionaries were very busy. So the missionary got a kick...

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The Day Dad Missed His Ship

Proverbs 16:9 "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." (NIV)This Bible verse was always my father's favourite one. The reason stems from the following story.During the Second World War, my dad had orders to report for duty on a ship...

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Coming Unhinged

Proverbs 26:14 "As a door turns back and forth on its hinges, so the lazy person turns over in bed." (NLT)"All she does is lie around and sleep." A remark I periodically make. But one my wife doesn't appreciate.We are the proud owners of a Himalayan cat. A product of...

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Mysterious Ways

God sometimes works in mysterious and wondrous ways. If you don’t believe me then let me share with you what happened here recently. I was out walking my dogs a few days ago when my neighbor called out to me. She was upset and asked if I had seen her own little black...

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Will of God