God Speed

Each evening at about the same time, Alan and Kristy could hear their new next-door neighbor singing along with the same inspirational R. Kelly song."Alan, if I have to hear that socially retarded new neighbor sing 'I Believe I can Fly' tune one more time, I'm going...

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His Mysterious Ways

"As you do not know what is the way of the wind, or how the bones grow in the womb of her who is with child, so you do not know the works of God who makes everything. " — Ecclesiastes 11:5 (KJV)I received an unexpected phone call from an old work acquaintance. She...

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The Chosen Vessel

The Master was searchingfor a vessel to use;On the shelf there were many-which one would He choose? Take me, cried the gold one,I'm shiny and bright,I'm of great valueand I do things just right.My beauty and lustrewill outshine the restAnd for someone like You,...

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Napolean’s Patriotism

The following story is one that is reported to have been told by Napoleon to spark patriotism among his men:Once, while visiting a province he came upon an old soldier in full uniform but with one sleeve hanging empty. He proudly wore the coveted Legion of Honour....

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Thank You Jesus

"My name is Yolanda and I have come to draw some blood!" Those words caused me to awaken in a hurry from deep sleep. You can relate to that scenario if you have been in a hospital for any length of time recently. That was my case - in a Nashville hospital for heart...

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Unfolding the Rosebud

A young, new preacher was walking with an older, more seasoned preacher in the garden one day and feeling a bit insecure about what God had for him to do, he was inquiring of the older preacher. The older preacher walked up to a rosebush and handed the young preacher...

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Will of God